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In the journey of five years, Toronto Film Forum has arranged 43 monthly programs. These program have made a very positive impact upon the community people and the people who love to see movies as a medium of the representation of the reality of our life and who consider films as a great weapon to fight against any injustice and inhumanity.

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  • 2nd Multicultural Film Festival, Toronto
    30 films of 16 countries were screened at the film festival. On July 26, 27 and 28, Toronto Film Forum arranged its 2nd Multicultural Film  festival in which 32 films of 14 languages were screened.
  • Celebrating 45th Victory Day and Honoring Film Maker Lear Levin
    This event was specially significant to the freedom loving Bangladeshi since US film maker Lear Levin attended from New York. In 1971, Lear Levin rushed to the border and free areas of Bangladesh for capturing the war.
  • Made a new era for the Bangladeshi film loving people
    Toronto Film Forum started its journey which made a new era for the Bangladeshi film loving people with a film show of its members. Six films i.e. "Chakki" by Enayet Karim Babul, "Facing the Future" by Aminul Islam Khokon, "Bangladesher Ridoy" by Saiful Wadud Helal, "The Meeting" by Shakil Hannan, "Jibon Duli" by Tanvir Mokammel and "Broken Dream" by Monis Rafiq-Pervez Siddiqui were screened on the occasion. The film show was taken place at Bangladesh Center, 2670 Danforth Avenue, Toronto.

Toronto Film Forum

Aims and Objectives

  • To arrange film screening and discussion on mainly independent and artistic films
  • To arrange film related workshops for its members, volunteers and community people
  • To cooperate its members and volunteers in film making
  • To raise voice against any injustice and inhumanity
  • To arrange multicultural film festival every year with a view to promoting the beauty
    of multiculturalism and harmonious co-existence
  •  To maintain contact and to express solidarity to the movements of alternative and
    artistic film makers in other parts of the world..
  • To build up strong relationship with the film makers of different communities living
    in Canada